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Mastram 2020 -720p-1080p-Download-Gdrive: 1x6

Vaibhav Ki Didi

Rajaram’s mama proposes that they must go to Delhi for the wedding shopping. Gopal accompanies them and after bidding goodbye to Madhu, the trio leaves for Delhi. After checking into a shady hotel, mama leaves to meet with one of his friends. Amid the meet, mama runs into trouble with the police. Rajaram rushes to save his uncle when he finds out that the police inspector is none other than his school friend’s elder sister. Past memories and teenage fantasies resurface. Watch the full episode of Mastram online here. Get Mastram trailer, story and full cast details online on MX Player.

Mastram: 1×6
Mastram: 1×6
Apr. 30, 2020
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